Helene Vosters

Helene Vosters is an artist-scholar-activist whose work focuses on issues of state violence, social memory, and the role of performance and aesthetic practices in mobilizing community engagement. She earned her Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University where her dissertation “Good Mourning Canada? Canadian Military Commemoration and its Lost Subjects” was awarded the Mary McEwan Dissertation Prize by the Centre for Feminist Research. A multi-disciplinary artist—performance, craft, and relational arts—Helene’s practice utilizes a task-based labour aesthetic. Helene’s durational counter memorial meditations include Impact Afghanistan War; Unravel: A Meditation on the Warp and Weft of Militarism; Flag of Tears: Lament for the Stains of a Nation; Unbecoming Nationalisms/Nacionalismos Impropios; and Stitch-by-Stitch: A TRC Calls to Action Sewing Circle. Helene has published articles in Canadian and international journals (Performance Research, FRAKCIJA, Theatre Research in Canada, Canadian Journal of Practice-based Research in Theatre, and Canadian Theatre Review), and book sections in Performance Studies in Canada (edited by Laura Levin and Marlis Schweitzer), Performing Objects and Theatrical Things (edited by Marlis Schweitzer and Joanne Zerdy), and Theatres of Affect (edited by Erin Hurley). Helene’s SSHRC postdoctoral book project—Unbecoming Performances of Canadian Nationalism—is due to be published (University of Manitoba Press) in fall 2019. Helene is currently a postdoctoral fellow and project manager with the SSHRC-funded partnership development project, Transforming Stories, Driving Change.